Working at BMS is to join a system of constant training, where every colleague and coordinator will multiply the knowledge acquired, to teach the incoming collaborators. The following are aspects to which the new collaborator commits to.

You join the team-family conviction.

Brilliant Minds School (BMS) has a team of educators, just like you. You will not feel that you are alone and you will not feel that your hard work during this school year will not be given the importance or the appropriate continuity for next year. You will learn and share with a team of people who have the same convictions as you, who will be working hard just like you, and who will be working on themselves, to improve every day more, and you will be having fun.

You join the ideal of academic success.

o   Students at BMS have an attendance of 97% daily.

o   BMS students are expected to exceed the English and math levels of their grade level or at the grade level they are in.

o   Upon reaching the second year of high school (called 8th grade previously),  a student at BMS is expected to exceed the academic levels of his peers from other educational institutions, the local district, in the English and mathematics

o   Thanks to the hard work and the persevering results-oriented approach, all students must be among the highest or be the highest level of the group within our district.

o   All teachers of BMS students are constantly demanding of each other to grow more and be better teachers and to be the best team of teachers that they can be. The time and resources will be here to support this purpose.

You join the ideal that our impact goes beyond the academic level of the student.

In BMS we focus on, not be better than the competition, but our impact is different and superior. We focus on having students who have full, relevant lives immersed in their academic-intellectual development. Our team is responsible for providing support with the program, to enrich the knowledge and develop group collaboration activities and provide counseling.

You join the ideal that character development goes hand in hand with academic development

In BMS, we are models of our students, and we teach to develop strong character, working the impetus to success, perseverance, self-control, hope, love, social intelligence, gratitude and sense of humor. All of which will support students to lead continuous happy lives, even after their time at BMS.