Working at BMS


Working at BMS is a constant training system where peers and coordinators collaborate in multiplying the knowledge they have acquired, to teach new incomers.

These are the aspects which a collaborator commits to.

  • You adhere to a team-family conviction.

BMS has an educational team of people just like you. You will not feel alone and you will not feel that your hard work during the school year will not be appreciated or will not be continued adequately the following year. You will learn and join a team that have the same conviction as you, that will be working as firmly as you, and who will be developing and working on their character, to improve each day, and you will be having fun.

  • You adhere to the idea of academic success.

Students at BMS have a 97% daily attendance. BMS expects students to surpass the grade level, or be at the academic level for their grade in English and Math. By 8th grade, it is expected of students to surpass the levels of their peers, of the local District, in English and Math, and the Spanish subject for the Dominican National Standardized Exams. Thanks to hard work, perseverance and educational goals, oriented towards results, students are expected to be above all levels within our District. All teachers at BMS are constantly motivating. each other towards being a better teacher and to be the best teacher-team they can be. Time and resources will be here to help you in that process.

  • You adhere to the belief that our impact goes beyond the academic grade the student is in.

At BMS we focus on, not being competitive, but that our impact is different and superior. We focus on having students whose lives are fulfilling and relevant, and you will be immersed in their academic-intellectual development in their academic-intellectual development. Our work team is responsible of giving that support with the program so to enrich their knowledge and we should create activities of group collaboration and give students counseling.

  • You join the belief that forming character goes hand in hand with academic development.

At BMS, we are the models students should follow and we teach to develop strong character, working toward reaching goals, perseverance, self-control, hope, love, social intelligence, gratitude and a sense of humor. All of these aspects will contribute so that students can live a joyful life, even beyond his or her time at BMS.