Who We Are



Our School is a private educational institution in which the integration of different cultures and creeds are welcomed.

We believe that integration enriches and broadens our student’s knowledge. At BMS, we promote both Dominican and North American cultures, with a curriculum based on both Dominican and American national standards. Our geographical location is blessed. We are located at: Autopista Las Américas, #10 in Alma Rosa II. We are able to appreciate the beauty of nature in the Dominican Republic, through our windows. This is due to the fact that our perimeters have lovely trees (most are tropical fruit trees), and palm trees which characterize the avenue that precedes us, as well as all around our perimeters. These characteristics make our infrastructure a fresh and pleasant environment. As parents leave or come for their children, our parking spaces makes it easy for them to enter our premises, and it is also very secure for our families. The parking spaces avoids parent to have to go through dreadful traffic jams to get to the school doors. Our parking spaces have stairs which lead directly to the school’s front entrance. Our school’s perimeter is protected. The parking spaces and entrance have security personnel.


At our school you will find:

  • Basketball court
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Swimming: this is a secured area, inspected with strict security measures.
  • Pre-School Building
  • Elementary Building
  • High School Building
  • Classrooms with air conditioners
  • Science Lab
  • Computer Lab with audiovisuals
  • Library
  • Psychology and Counseling department
  • Pre-school Play Ground
  • Experimental Greenhouse
  • Ample space to play and for recess
  • Music room: for piano, guitar, flute and drum practices
  • Medical department
  • Cafeteria