Welcome Letter

Thank you for your interest in our bilingual school Brilliant Minds School (BMS). It is a pleasure to welcome you to our website. We know for a fact that all parents want what is best for their children. The fact that you are searching this site demonstrates your interest as a parent in offering your children the best opportunity to excel.

It also reveals your interest in offering your children an educational program which is innovative, of optimum quality and adhered to family values as ours. In this website you will find important information on the different educational opportunities available for your children at BMS.

“Today’s children are here to transform the current systems. They are the lights which will improve our world. It is our duty to open doors for them, show them the path, and let them shine, inspire and incite these changes”. Thank you for the opportunity to help you achieve this goal.

Benedicta Calderon


American TESOL Education