Mission & Vision



Mission & Vision



Develop self-motivated students who are respectful, self-learners, prepared for their success and prepared to contribute to society in a positive way; develop leadership skills so that students can shine and transcend with positive contributions to humanity.  


Brilliant Minds School constitutes itself into the most well known educational institution in the Dominican Republic, for its innovative educational plan- complying with national and international standards-, for being a safe educational environment for children, and for its excellent infrastructure, for its artistic, sports, and language development, for its scientific and technological instruction.


Our Creed (Philosophy, Values)



We teach with love and passion, with faith that our alumni will transmit the values and wisdom acquired, to future generations with the same love and passion which they have received at Brilliant Minds School. From Preschool to High School, we guide students to reflect on the importance of their educational process, of learning other languages, of developing logical-scientific thinking skills, of learning the importance of technological development and of their physical, mental and spiritual growth.


At Brilliant Minds School we promote discipline through knowledge. We instruct our students towards knowing their rights and responsibilities towards their educational community, their families and society. We provide our students with the ability to see problems in the community and propose possible solutions; giving them the opportunity to grow with a strong sense o citizenship, democracy, and to know their right and responsibilities.


We guide our students toward the following values:

  • To care for their spirituality, care for themselves, care for others, care for the environment.
  • Develop his/her leadership skills
  • Honesty
  • Transcendent
  • Empathy towards others
  • Tolerance
  • Justice
  • Love and Compassion
  • Respect
  • Sharing
  • Equality