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By Nikolai N. Korpan (auth.), Nikolai N. Korpan MD, PhD (eds.)

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Correlation between thermosensor temperature and transrectal ultrasonography during prostate cryoablation. Can Assoc Radiol J 1997; 48, N 3: 186190. Chapter 3 Experimental Cryosurgery 34. Stephenson RA, King OK, Rohr LR. Renal cryoablation in a canine modeL Urology 1996; 47 (5): 772-776. 35. Tacke J, Adam G, Speetzen R. MR-guided interstitial cryotherapy of ultrasound, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. Cryobiology 1998; 38 (3): 250-259. 37. Weber SM, Lee Ff Jr, Chinn DO, Warner T, Chosy SG, Mahvi OM.

3. Viability of cells after freezing with further exposure to end temperatures T OC Time. 2 V=10°C/min % of unaffected cells Viability 2 hrs. 24 hrs. 5 Viability 2 hrs. 24 hrs. ++ ++ +++ +++ ++ ++ +++ + + + ++ + + 5days +++ +++ +++ ++ +++ ++ ++ + ++ +- +- - "-" - complete cell destruction "+" - attaching to the substrate "++" - attaching + plating "+++" - attaching + plating + dividing V - velocity of temperature change tive of the exposure rate, underwent direct destruction, or died during the hours following thawing, forming "a zone of direct cell destruction".

Grampsas et al. (1995) have found that the necrotic area resulting from cryodestruction appeared much smaller than predicted by intraoperative ultrasound (17). Steed et al. (1997) studied a correlation between thermosensor findings and transrectal ultrasonography findings during prostate cryoablation. Two cryosurgeons, working together and blinded to the actual temperature, used sonographic observations to estimate the temperature until they believed that the gland was adequately frozen. The operators were not able to accurately predict subzero temperatures by trans rectal ultrasonography evaluation.

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