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By Delbert M. Shankel (auth.), Delbert M. Shankel, Philip E. Hartman, Tsuneo Kada, Alexander Hollaender, Claire M. Wilson, Gregory Kuny (eds.)

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Health Perspect. (in press). C. (1982) The chemopreventive role of selenium in carcinogenesis. S. Arnott, J. M. Wang, eds. Raven Press, New York, pp. 401-408. Halliwell, B. (1982) Production of superoxide, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals by phagocytic cells: A cause of chronic inflammatory disease? Cell BioI. IntI. Reports 6:529-542. P. F. Stich (1983) Clastogenic activity of caffeic acid and its relationship to hydrogen peroxide generated during autoxidation. Mutat. Res. 116:333-339. A.

C. von Borstel Department of Genetics University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2E9 INTRODUCTION Antimutagenesis is the lowering of spontaneous mutation rates and induced mutation frequencies by exogenous conditions. The field has been divided into two parts by Kada (5): desmutagenesis and antimutagenesis per see Desmlltagenesis refers to inactivation of mutagens and carcinogens by whatever means, whether by antioxidants, by cytochrome P-450-associated activity, or by the active destruction or absorption of the toxic substances before they can enter the target cell.

Cancer Lett. 23:253-258. , C. Guthenberg, B. Mannervik, and C. von Bahr (1981) Purification of a new glutathione S-transferase (transferase )1) from human liver having high activity with benzo(a)pyrene-4,5-oxide. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 98:512-519. L. Romney, J. Wylie-Rosett, S. Slagle, G. Miller, D. Lucido, C. R. Palan (1981) Dietary vitamin C and uterine cervical dysplasia. Am. J. Epidemiol. 114: 714-724. W. (1983) Inhibition of neoplasia by minor dietary constituents. Cancer Res. ):2448s-2453s.

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