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By Ricardo Tapia (auth.), Leslie L. Iversen, Susan D. Iversen, Solomon H. Snyder (eds.)

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In some cases, perfusion chambers were used. The release was studied after the slices had been loaded with labeled GABA. The effects of amino acids normally present in brain tissue, which may be due to exchange, are not included in this table. 'Rat brain slices. , 1971). 'Hemisected frog spinal cords. 001 mM concentrations had no significant effect. electrically stimulated release seem to be related to the possible participation of Na+ transport in such spontaneous efflux, and of Na+jK+-ATPase in the electrically induced efflux (Hammerstad and Cutler, 1972 a).

1971a), inhibited the uptake of GABA by isolated nerve endings (synaptosomes). , 1971). The inhibitory effect of L-2,4-diaminobutyric acid on the uptake of GABA by brain slices (Table 3) has also been reported in synaptosomal preparations (Simon and Martin, 1973). This inhibitor seems to be transported into the synaptosomes at least in part by a carrier different from that involved in GABA uptake (Simon and Martin, 1973). It might be of physiological importance (Tapia, 1974) that GAD seems to be bound to CNS membranes, including synaptosomes, synaptic vesicles, and isolated synaptosomal membranes, in the presence of Ca2 + (Fonnum, 1968; Haber and Kuriyama, 1969).

R, and JABBUR, S. , 1971, The effects of depleting GABA on cuneate presynaptic inhibition, Brain Res. 33:530-532. BARKER, J. , and NICOLL, R. , 1972, Gamma-aminobutyric acid: Role in primary afferent depolarization, Science 176: 1043-1045. BAXTER, C. , 1969, Changes in gamma-aminobutyric acid-shunt enzymes and substrates after administration of carbonyl reagents and vitamin B6 in vivo: An apparent discrepancy in assay techniques, Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. 166:267-280. BAXTER, C. , 1970, The nature of y-aminobutyric acid, in: Handbook of Neurochemistry, Vol.

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