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By G. W. H. Stamp MBChB, MRCPath, N. A. Wright MA, DSc, MD, PhD, FRCPath (auth.)

It is simple to be convinced that a suitable physique of recommendation is out there to applicants in regards to the content material of an exam after you have handed it. Prospectively, the first and ultimate Examinations of the Royal collage of Pathologists will seem to so much to contain the assimilation of what turns out on the time an inexhaustible quantity of information, and the new swap within the university exam approach has now not lowered this challenge for almost all of applicants. the ideas for education for the recent half I exam kingdom that this is often the "major hurdle of the MRCPath" and it truly is transparent that it'll verify even if applicants are compatible for education that allows you to let them to guidance independently as experts after half II. those normal goals and ambitions don't resolution questions similar to "How a lot do i have to learn about glomerulonephritis?" or "Where do I cease with the lymphomas?" this article makes an attempt to unravel the trouble of realizing what ordinary to attempt at, utilizing university questions as its place to begin. It concentrates at the crucial foundation of any unmarried resolution; many applicants for the hot three-year exam will recognize extra approximately person subject matters than is said the following. even though, it's the breadth of knowledge required that is a function of school examinations and this article may also help with this problem.

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The organs predominantly affected are skin, gut and liver, and latterly respiratory tract changes are described, and both acute and chronic types of the disease could be described for each of these sit~s. This is one subject where, at present, a candidate who is up to date with the literature or has attended symposia on the subject would have a (April 1987, Paper 2, Question 2 distinct advantage. C. Acute and chronic graft versus host disease. Human Pathol. (1984) 15: 202-205. Discuss the morphological features and pathogenesis of sickle cell disease This question does not require discussion of the aetiology of this disease, which is known (but which could be mentioned in the introduction).

Kumar, V. Genetic disorders. In: Pathologic Basis of Disease, 4th edition. p121-136. B. Saunders, Philadelphia (1989). Discuss the causation of congenital malformation (April 1970, Paper 1, Question 3) Discuss the aetiology of congenital malformation This question requires a systematic approach to the answer, dividing the known aetiological factors into groups such as chromosomal, infections, toxins and drugs and their effects at various stages in embryogenesis and foetal development. Speculation on the so-called multifactorial causes would be appropriate.

G. renal adenocarcinoma. g. g. pleomorphism, cellular maturations, ? g. g. g. g. , Eisenbach, L. What makes a tumor cell metastatic? Sci. Am. (1988) 259: 40-47. P. Metastasis. In: The Basic Science of Oncology, Chapter 10, p160-175. Pergamon Press, Oxford (1987). , Kumar, V. Neoplasia. In: Pathologic Basis of Disease, 4th edition. Chapter 6, p255-260. B. Saunders Co, Philadelphia (1989). Discuss the value of electron microscopy in the differential diagnosis of tumours The introduction to this answer should include some appraisal of the use of EM in conjunction with conventional microscopy and immunocytochemistry, and advantages it may offer.

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