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In A.D. 664, King Oswy of Northumbria has convened a synod at Whitby to listen to debate among the Roman and Celtic Christian church buildings and choose which will be granted primacy in his nation. At stake is way quite a lot of disputed issues of formality; Oswy's choice may possibly impact the survival of both church within the Saxon kingdoms. while the Abbess Etain, a number one speaker for the Celtic church, is located murdered, suspicion falls upon the Roman faction. so as to diffuse the tensions that threaten to erupt into civil conflict, Oswy turns to Sister Fidelma of the Celtic Church (Irish and an suggest for the Brehon courtroom) and Brother Eadulf of the Roman church (from east Anglia and of a family members of hereditary magistrates) to discover the killer. yet as extra murders ensue and a treasonous plot opposed to Oswy matures, Fidelma and Eadulf quickly locate themselves working out of time.

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If a ruler did not pursue the commonwealth of the people, they were impeached and removed from office. Therefore the monarchial system of ancient Ireland had more in common with a modern-day republic than with the feudal monarchies of medieval Europe. Ireland, in the seventh century ad, was governed by a system of sophisticated laws called the Laws of the Fenechas, or landtillers, which became more popularly known as the Brehon Laws, deriving from the word breitheamh- a judge. Tradition has it that these laws were first gathered in 714 be by the order of the High King Ollamh Fodhla.

Fidelma sighed deeply. "I cannot understand this Saxon law of inheritance. " Sister Gwid suddenly gave a shout and pointed to the distant horizon. "The sea! I can see the sea! " Sister Fidelma halted her horse and gazed into the distance with narrowed eyes. "What say you, Brother Taran? You know this part of the country. " Taran's face expressed relief. "Sister Gwid is right. " Two The raucous voice, raised in apparent distress, caused the abbess to lift her eyes from the table, where she had been studying a page of illustrated vellum, and frown in annoyance at being disturbed.

Hilda glanced at the hawk-faced Colman as if seeking comment. "Sister Fidelma is a ddlaigh of the Brehon courts of Ireland," explained Colman. Abbess Hilda frowned. " She rendered the term as closely as she could in her own phonetics. She stared at the girl as if challenging her to an explanation. Sister Fidelma's cheeks reddened slightly and her voice was slightly breathless as she sought to explain. " Colman nodded. "Sister Fidelma is qualified to the degree ofanruth, only one degree below the highest qualification in our land.

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