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By A. Reutlinger

This primary complete size therapy of interventionist theories of causation within the social sciences, the organic sciences and different higher-level sciences the offers unique counter arguments to fresh traits within the debate and serves as helpful creation to the topic.

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The decisive question for the researchers in the laboratory is how they should act, if they want the test of Silencin to be reliable. Note, again, that Woodward (2003: 95) explicitly emphasizes that the illustration of a randomized controlled experiment is merely heuristic: it is supposed to show intuitively how interventions contribute to understanding the truth conditions of causal statements. He underlines that the methodological question of whether and how one can use randomized experiments to test causal claims has to be distinguished from his own search for truth conditions of causal claims.

32 The Interventionist Theory of Causation Having reconstructed and illustrated Woodward’s definitions of an intervention variable, let us now proceed to Woodward’s definition of an intervention. The notion of an intervention variable is used to define the notion of an intervention: Definition: Intervention Any value ii of an intervention variable I (for X relative to Y) is an intervention on X relative to Y iff it is the case that there is a value of X that counterfactually depends on the fact that I has the value ii (cf.

In the debate on causation in biology and the life sciences in general, by and Causation in the Special Sciences 21 large, the same crucial features of causation are highlighted (cf. Okasha 2009). The debate concerning explanatory generalizations in biology also suggests that generalizations that play a role in the scientific practice of biological disciplines lack the features of lawhood as traditionally assigned by philosophers (Beatty 1995; Sober 1997; Mitchell 2000, 2002; Rosenberg 2001; Craver 2007.

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