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Oldenberg has done important work in studying Buddhist texts from the point of their style. , r89O, p. 77, n. I). · He conLa 'Pie du Bouddha, 1949, p. 13 . RHR, 1882, p. 242=(EuWt'I, I� Paris, 1914, p. 344. 6 Uber den Lalitavistara, Verhandlungm ell! 5. Inttrnatioluzlen Orientaljstell-ColJgresm, Berlin, 1882, BeL 2, 2, �rlin) 1882, pp. 107-122= Kid/ie Schriften, pp. 873-888. distinction between a nominal style A and a hieratic, canonical style B if! ' Style B closely resembles the style of canoni­ cal Pali texts and is older than style A.

1-75; Hermann Olden­ berg, Klei11e Schriftet1, Wiesbaden, 1967, pp. vii-xxxv. 53 (Ewpres de Allgtl$te �rth, I-V, Paris, 1914-1927. For an obituary of Barth see A. ologique de I'IlIdo-chilJe. Annees 19141916, PaJ'is) 1916, pp. 207-221 . �4 Materiaux japonais pour l'etude d u bouddhisme, BMF1, I, 1927, p. 1 . 40 Tibetan and chinese sources are indispensable for the study of Buddhism. Sylvain Levi was fascinated by Asvagho�a. In I892 he published text and trans­ lation of the first canto of his Buddhacarita,55 but he abandoned his plan to edit the text in favour of Cowell.

Planets and constellations. Senart's system of 26 interpretation is based upon a careful examination of the Vedic and Brahmanical literature but one finds nothing similar in Kern's b';oK. One observes with some astonishment that his categorical statements have been able to carry away even such a sober-minded and cautious scholar as Barth, who was willing to consider the courtezans as mother-goddesses, the six heretical teachers as the six planets and the rebellion ofDevadatta as the struggle of the moon with the sun (Oeuvm de Auguste Barth, I, Paris, '9'4, p.

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