Our school is directed by our founder, Benedicta Calderon, M.Ed. Born and raised in the United States, Mrs. Calderon began giving class at a very young age. She continued her vocation and love towards teaching having collaborated with various bilingual educational institutions in Santo Domingo. At BMS, our educational staff is highly trained, carefully selected and constantly formed. It is an educational team that is committed to follow through our innovative educational program, so that all students have equal opportunities to succeed.


The general objectives of our program are:

  • Develop appreciation for the Fine Arts.
  • Foster communication skills, not only in English and Spanish but in technological skills, to motivate students to use these skills to contribute to society no matter where in the world he or she might be in the future (in Dominican Republic or abroad), assuming civil responsibility, being participative and highly effective in communication skills.
  • Promote educational transcendent levels.
  • Assimilate and promote cultural diversity, which enriches our student’s knowledge.
  • Consolidate social, moral and family values.
  • Guide students towards a sense of responsibility with School work, with their family and society.
  • Develop self-learners by integrating students on critical-thinking strategies so that we can give back to society, citizens who are highly qualified, communicative, and competitive, who are ready to be active leaders that want to make a positive change.
  • Develop the whole student with clear values, able to take care of themselves, their spirituality and their environment.